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The Hardest Step to Fitness: Your First One

You want to start working out.

You know it is necessary to look and feel better.

But… something keeps stopping you from getting started.

The thought of spending money on a gym plays a role. You’re not sure you will like it or show up as much as you plan to.

Why risk wasting the money?

Get some equipment for home? Same risk of money waste, but at least the commute is much easier.

You are busy, so having an exercise area in the basement makes plenty of sense. However, you remember that exercising alone has not worked for you in the past. It has been too easy to find excuses not to do it. When you do feel motivated enough to get down there, you usually cut the workout short.

You think of a half dozen other solutions. Next thing you know, you’ve gotten distracted from the thought of a new exercise routine. It will be another week or two before the thought resurfaces.

Starting to brainstorm a new exercise routine is great.

However, it is frequently left on the brainstorming page without much further thought, and far from action-taking.

What if you just started a fitness routine?


What if you didn’t even put much thought into it? What if you accepted that your routine didn’t have to be perfect, but over a long enough timeframe it will most-likely improve in effectiveness and efficiency?

We have often been taught to plan ahead.

We were told to put together a rough draft, edit, second rough draft, edit more, final copy. This approach makes perfect sense in a middle school English class, but it more closely branches off into “paralysis by analysis” in the fitness start-up world.

To make matters worse, you have thousands of pages to scroll through on Google searches and social media pages all giving different advice on what you should be doing, while pretending that an opposing approach to “their way” is a near death sentence.

What if I told you that the only thing that mattered in starting your fitness journey tomorrow, is that it actually started tomorrow?

No thinking, no self-doubt, no looking into potential future failures. The only thing that matters tomorrow is that you show up for the exercise.

The exercise can be a 10 minute walk.

It can be 30 minutes of strength training.

It can be running around with your kids.



After tomorrow, you then decide on whether you will do it the next day or in two days.

Then, that is the only thing that matters.

Of course optimization exists when it comes to a fitness routine. However, optimization is the financial equivalent to pennies when just getting started is where the dollars are at!

Get started tomorrow. Call the gym, go outside for a walk, anything to start the momentum!

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