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Recapping Our 4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser Workout

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It’s not every day you get to witness a community come together in the spirit of health, fitness, and charity. This October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pratt Personal Training hosted its 4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser Workout, and it was nothing short of inspiring.

Early Morning Energy


Early in the morning our members and guests started gathering at 7am for registration and by 8 AM, the workout began. Each trainer had a designated station, where they led everyone through a specific workout. Offering a variety of exercises, while keeping the energy high and the spirits higher.

Music, Movement, and Memories


There was music during the entire workout, which motivated and moved everyone. Participants were not just exercising; they were part of a larger movement, and raising money for an important cause.

Refresh and Recharge


Post-workout, everyone was treated to delicious beverages and treats courtesy of Scouts Coffee and Cafe Nune. Their support added a special touch to the event, and we were grateful to have them there with us.




Everyone was so excited as the raffle began. With over 45 raffle prizes and more than 3,000 tickets purchased, there was a lot of anticipation. Winners walked away with amazing prizes including Giants tickets, Pratt memberships, $300 worth of gift cards to the best local restaurants in the area, and more.

A Snapshot of Success


  • Over 150 participants joined us, marking this as our largest turnout.
  • An impressive $15,244 was raised.
  • More than 3,000 raffle tickets were sold.
  • Over 45 raffles added to the excitement.

A Picture-Perfect Moment


Amidst the workouts and celebrations, participants took time to capture memories against a special backdrop, smiling and embracing the spirit of the day.

Everyone is Welcome


The event was open to all – members, non-members, first-timers, and veterans. The only requirement? A donation of any amount to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, reflecting our belief that every contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

Impact Beyond Measure


It was a heartwarming event and the incredible energy and positivity that filled the space. Every drop of sweat showed our community’s commitment to making a difference.

Looking Forward


Four years in, the Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser Workout at Pratt Personal Training has become more than just an event; it’s a tradition for an important cause. As we wrap up this year’s event, we’re already looking forward to next year. Let’s continue to grow, contribute, and support this amazing cause one workout at a time.

Thank You


Thank you to every participant, donor, and sponsor. You are what makes this event a success year after year.

Pratt Personal Training Team</

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