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Not A Gym Person?

You don’t think you are a gym person.


You haven’t been exercising recently. You feel overweight. You have some pain in your knees or lower back. You’re busy. You have never enjoyed a single minute of exercising before in your life. To top it off, you have seen pictures of people that go to the gym and you don’t think you would fit in with such an egotistical crowd.

These are all great reasons to believe that you are not a gym person.

However, none of them should actually keep you from getting to the gym. Not to mention most gym goers are not selfie taking, mirror staring, body obsessed maniacs. Those are just the ones that stand out on social media.

What is it that makes you feel like you are not a gym person?


Is it how you look? Is it how you feel? Is it that you don’t know what you should even be doing in the gym? Are you nervous you will look like you have no idea what you are doing?

Great news, everyone that currently goes to the gym felt exactly how you feel right now. They overcame the initial anxiety of getting into the gym by just showing up and asking for help.

It is important to know that nobody was a gym person before becoming a gym person. It is also important to note that just because you start going to the gym, it doesn’t mean you have to be a hardcore gym rat.

You may know someone that spends two hours per day working out and can’t stop talking about their routine. That doesn’t have to be you. It probably shouldn’t be. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be exercising just because you know someone that does it way more than you intend to.

Ask for help.

Almost all gyms have a staff, and most provide a free trial or demo session.

Of course they are going to try to sell you the higher cost option. It is okay to say no while taking advantage of the free trial.

It is also not a horrible idea to sign up for a few sessions if you found the trial experience enjoyable. A few hundred dollars to learn more about what to do in the gym can be one of the best investments you can make. It will be difficult to get started if you are dependent on yourself, find someone to show you the ropes.

Pratt Personal Training was designed to overcome all of these issues that a “non-gym goer” would tell themselves.

Your first session is a free 1 on 1 with a trainer. We discuss your goals and prior exercise experiences. You will do a short workout where we can show you exercises and the correct technique. This should instantly make you feel more confident in the gym and be less fearful of pain or injury.

After the 1 on 1 session we always have a free or very low cost trial. This is where you go through a full workout.

We customize your training program so you will be performing a different routine than anyone else in our Small Group setting.

Since everyone starts at different ability levels and has different goals, we apply many different strategies in programming for each individual we work with. You will always follow your program that was designed specifically for you.

If you have a gym nearby that offers a free trial- jump on it ASAP! If they have a trainer willing to do a free session, even better!

The most important thing is taking action today to get started.

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