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The Subtle Art of Procrastination and Finding Your Fitness Urgency

We’ve all been there – the ‘start tomorrow’ mantra, that gets stretched to next week, and perhaps even next month. While life races ahead, our fitness goals seem perpetually stuck at the starting line. This might ring a bell in another aspect of our life, one that you encounter daily. Wondering what? Let me share a relatable tale. Picture this: It’s 7:30 AM. Your alarm sings its usual song, reminding you of a day’s work that starts at 9. With half an hour’s drive to work, you think you have an ample cushion to start your day at ease. A casual glance at your phone, an extended shower, a sneaky press on the snooze button, and voila! Suddenly, it’s 8:15 AM. Recalling a day when you made it to work in 25 minutes, you convince yourself that there’s still a comfortable window left. Breakfast is consumed leisurely, and just as you’re about to leave, life throws its little curveballs. A request from your spouse, a chit-chat with a suddenly awakened child, and the realization that you forgot your lunch; each ticking off precious minutes. With slight traffic adding to the mix, you step into the office at 9:10 AM, facing the disapproving glare of your boss. Now, think about this scenario the next day, but with an added urgency: a warning from your boss that any tardiness will result in termination. The outcome? You’re at work, not just on time, but 26 minutes early. The looming threat and its repercussions forced you to alter your behavior, prioritize, and act immediately. This tale isn’t just about punctuality at work; it serves as an allegory to our attitude towards fitness. The stretched timelines of “starting tomorrow” often continue until external factors, like a doctor’s advice or an upcoming event, force us into action. What we need is to find our urgency. Just as the threat of job loss prompted immediate action, recognizing the longer-term consequences of neglecting our health can be the push we need. The journey to fitness doesn’t necessarily require an external alarm; sometimes, it’s about finding that internal wake-up call. So here’s the question: Why wait for someone else to dictate your urgency? Whether it’s fitness or any other life goal, take the reins now. Find your motivation, establish your urgency, and begin today. After all, every day delayed is another day you’re not moving closer to your goals.

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