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Personal Training

Elevate your fitness journey with Small Group Training at Pratt Personal Training in Bridgewater. Experience tailored workouts, professional coaching, and a supportive community to help you achieve lasting success.

Youth Sports Performance Training

Boost your athletic performance with our Sports Performance Training program in Bridgewater and Martinsville. Designed for athletes aged 13+, we focus on sport-specific movements and foundational skills to excel in various sports.

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Your Path to Better Health, Strength, and Fitness in Bridgewater

Pratt Personal Training has been serving Bridgewater with the highest-quality fitness training in the area. We are all about helping you accomplish your goals and providing you with an incredible, supportive community where you can train hard and pursue your fitness journey.

We’re all about YOU.
We offer residents and employees of the surrounding Bridgewater area a convenient functional training gym, along with the personalized services to make fitness a part of your busy schedule.

We’re not your typical fitness center or gym! Our staff is dedicated to professionally designing every workout session to get you the results you desire.

Meet Our Staff

James Pratt


James Pratt

James has been a trainer since 2008. He graduated from Kean University with a degree in Physical Education/Adult Fitness. James started PPS in hopes of solving the issues of overpriced Personal Training and a one size fits all group class.

Kyle Doerr

Trainer and Director of Business Operations

Kyle Doerr

Kyle graduated from Ramapo College of NJ with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management. Kyle played for the Florence Freedom of the Frontier Minor League Organization in 2017.

Jayme Levine


Jayme Levine

Jayme received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Kean University in Athletic Training and Exercise Science. He has worked as a certified, licensed Athletic Trainer in the state of New Jersey for the last ten years.

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